A Mindful Path

A Center for Healing and Personal Growth

A Mindful Path is a holistic healthcare collective of independent practitioners. We bring together professionals from varied disciplines to foster wellness. Modalities include: Art Therapy, Breathwork, Cranial-Sacral, EMDR, Energy Psychology, Fitness, Hypnotherapy, Massage, Nutrition, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Supplements, and Yoga.

Clinical Nurse Specialist
My specialty is as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, treating children and adolescents ages 14-18 with psychiatric mental health concerns. I have worked in both private practice and in an outpatient pediatric hospital setting. I will develop a plan of action which focuses on all realms of health; body, mind and spirit, to achieve maximal mental health functioning.

Population I work with: Children and Adolescents

Disorders Treated:: Anxiety, depression, inattention, hyperactivity,distractability, trauma, grief, phobias, school stress, and family stress.

Modalities of Treatment: Dietary and lifestyle changes, vitamin and mineral suplementation, biofeedback, yoga, Reiki, meditation, EFT and mindfulness.

Website: wildflowerholistic.com

Phone: 234-208-5772

email: wildflowerHolistic@gmail.com <wildflowerholistic@gmail.com>;

Laura Balliet, LPCC    
Holistic Psychotherapist

Using a blend of holistic therapies, I help you identify your personal goals for wellness and then accompany you on your journey to discover strengths, purpose, direction, healing, and self-compassion.  We work together to create safe space for exploration and change and also to sustain change.  I help you to recognize the patterns that may prevent you from achieving your personal goals and to learn self-empowering  strategies that maintain your own progress forward.

Population I work with: Adolescents and Adults

Disorders Treated: Anxiety, depression, bipolar, trauma, spiritual issues, wellness, addictions, grief, shame.

Modalities of Treatment: Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Energy Psychology, CBT, DBT, Compassion Focused Therapy, EMDR.

Phone: 234-542-4486

email:  labbart.laura@gmail.com

Kevin Becnel, MA, LPCC    
Holistic Psychotherapist,
Co-Founder of A Mindful Path


Based on the principle that everyone deserves being treated with dignity, respect, and compassion, I provide a progressive blend of alternative and traditional psychotherapy to help you find your way through depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and other issues.

If you are tired of being stuck, or if the approach you are trying has not been very helpful, allow me to walk next to you as you try to make sense of life. Let go of the things that are holding you back.

Population I work with: Adolescents and Adults

Disorders Treated: Anxiety, depression, trauma, health issues, spiritual issues.

Modalities of Treatment: EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Energy Psychology, CBT.

Website: KevinBecnel.com

email: kevinbecnel@gmail.com

Tracy Burke, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

I offer a safe, compassionate, nonjudgmental relationship where we can work together toward growth and healing of life stressors and emotional struggles. Having experienced a variety of my own life struggles beginning in childhood through major adult life transitions, I am experienced with and committed to helping others use resources and inner strengths and to transform their lives and reach desired goals.

Population I work with: Adolescents and Adults

Disorders Treated: depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, identity confusion, and problems of unfulfilled development.

Modalities of Treatment: Supportive Psychotherapeutic Approach that integrates Cognitive-Behavioral, Psychodynamic, Mindfulness, and Interpersonal conceptual models and techniques.

Website: TracyBukePhD.com

Phone: 330-860-0755

email: tracyburke1@hotmail.com

Lynette Kreidler, M.Ed. LPC  
Holistic Psychotherapist


Having faced adversity in my life, including caring for a spouse with significant mental health issues, being a single mom of four, and overcoming cancer, I bring to the table a strength and understanding that allows me to walk next to people with compassion and courage. My listening skills enable me to sift through the concerns people are often overwhelmed by. I can then help them determine what they need to address and formulate a plan of action.

Population I work with: Children, Adolescents and Adults

Disorders Treated: Anxiety, major life transitions such as divorce, health related issues, job changes, and relationship issues.

Modalities of Treatment: Mindfulness Based Cognitive Interventions such as ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

Phone: 330-573-3073

email: ItAllConnects@gmail.com

Sarah Lahoski, LPC, HHP, BCPP


I was raised in a family that was very traditional in its ways.  My mother was a nurse and my father was a Presbyterian minister.  I was born open, which means that I was clairvoyant and intuitive.  Since this was not anything my family had ever dealt with I often felt very alone and confused on how this was a gift.  As I grew up, I closed down.  This left me lost and confused on my path and direction in life.

After the death of my sister at a young age of 31 from cancer, I started to question my spiritual life but also why certain things happen to certain people and not others.  During this process, my intuitive sight came back after a re-awakening experience.  This changed my life completely. Everything that I denied about myself could no longer be denied. I changed my focus of my work to the mind/body connection.  I started to understand how important our thoughts are on our reality and how these thoughts can manifest into  physical disorders.  I went on a search of how you could best work with this in the holistic approach.  This is treating the whole person: mind, body and spirit.  I also came to accept and love being intuitive.  I look forward to continuing my growth personally and to bring this into my practice with my client’s. I know that I can only take my client’s as far as I have gone so I will always continue to work on me in all areas.

Population I work with: Children, Adolescents and Adults

Disorders Treated:: Anxiety, depression, trauma, health issues, spiritual issues.

Modalities of Treatment: Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Integrative Breath Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral, Sound Therapy, Elemental Reflexology, Dream Analysis, Intuitive Guidance, Aromatherapy, Reiki.

Website: transformativePath.com

Phone: 330-573-3073

email: sarah@transformativepath.com

Stephanie McIlvane, LISW-S  
Holistic Psychotherapist


18+ years of experience in the counseling field. I use a blend of cognitive therapy, EMDR, biofeedback and neurofeedback to alleviate symptoms.

Population I work with: Children, Adolescents, Adults, and the Elderly.

Disorders Treated: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Grief, Stress, Self Esteem, Divorce, Life Transitions.

Modalities of Treatment: EMDR, Neurofeedback, Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative.

Phone: 330-322-6445

email: smcilvaine@vitalityakron.com

Jessica McKenna   
Licensed Massage Therapist

I truly believe that each system of the body cannot function properly without movement. Massage moves blood, lymph, fascia, and soft tissues. Reiki moves energy and removes stagnant blockages. Fitness and nutrition move the muscles, multiply the cells, and keep everything functioning optimally. All three keep the mind healthy with a greater sense of overall well-being and allow the whole body to relax, while opening a newfound sense of peace, gratitude and awareness.

Population I work with: Adults.

Modalities of Treatment: Massage, Reiki, Fitness Training.

Website: MindSlashMatter.com

Phone: 740-447-3323

email: melatoninzzz@yahoo.com

Jodie Skillicorn, DO   
Holistic Psychiatrist
Co-Founder of A Mindful Path

I offer a comprehensive, wholistic approach to mental health for teenagers and adults. Instead of the standard 15 minute medication check, which has become the standard of care in psychiatry, I believe in spending time with you and working together to develop a plan that takes into consideration your unique emotional, physical, energetic, environmental and spiritual needs and goals. I integrate mindfulness-based psychochotherapy, with researched complementary modalities, exercise, nutrition, and supplements.

Population I work with: Adolescents and Adults.

Modalities of Treatment: Meditation, breath-work, yoga, imagery, energy psychology (EFT), EMDR, hypnotherapy.

Website: MindfulPsych.com

Phone: 330-715-9282

email: joskilli@gmail.com