Holistic Psychiatry

Clinical Nurse Specialist
My specialty is as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, treating children and adolescents ages 14-18 with psychiatric mental health concerns. I have worked in both private practice and in an outpatient pediatric hospital setting. I will develop a plan of action which focuses on all realms of health; body, mind and spirit, to achieve maximal mental health functioning.

Population I work with: Children and Adolescents

Disorders Treated:: Anxiety, depression, inattention, hyperactivity,distractability, trauma, grief, phobias, school stress, and family stress.

Modalities of Treatment: Dietary and lifestyle changes, vitamin and mineral suplementation, biofeedback, yoga, Reiki, meditation, EFT and mindfulness.

Website: wildflowerholistic.com

Phone: 234-208-5772

email: wildflowerHolistic@gmail.com <wildflowerholistic@gmail.com>;

Jodie Skillicorn, DO   
Holistic Psychiatrist
Co-Founder of A Mindful Path

I offer a comprehensive, wholistic approach to mental health for teenagers and adults. Instead of the standard 15 minute medication check, which has become the standard of care in psychiatry, I believe in spending time with you and working together to develop a plan that takes into consideration your unique emotional, physical, energetic, environmental and spiritual needs and goals. I integrate mindfulness-based psychochotherapy, with researched complementary modalities, exercise, nutrition, and supplements.

Population I work with: Adolescents and Adults.

Modalities of Treatment: Meditation, breath-work, yoga, imagery, energy psychology (EFT), EMDR, hypnotherapy.

Website: MindfulPsych.com

Phone: 330-715-9282

email: joskilli@gmail.com



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